A Wonderful Place for Soul Mind Body Healing

Today was one of those kinds of days when I didn’t have enough sleep, I had way too much on my plate and I ran late everywhere I went. Also known as: the typical day of a working mother of three. I threw out my back the week prior and decided to visit Gina to get my energy back in alignment. My friend Lisa swears by Gina’s ability to heal your body and I am down for anything that will help to balance out my chi.

I ran about 15 minutes late for my appointment with Gina and frantically raced to her office. Located on Ena Road, I became increasingly frustrated as I tried to buzz up via an intercom system and it kept going to voicemail. Thankfully there was a mover who was leaving at the same time and I went up to the 6th floor via an elevator. Once at Life Centered I met Gina and realized just how much craziness I was creating with my own energy. There are times when you need to see your reflection in someone else, in order to realize how mad you’re driving yourself. She was so centered and mellow, and I was, well, FRANTIC in every way possible.

I spent about 10 minutes filling out paperwork and then she had me undress and lie under a sheet on a massage table. The moment my head hit the table I was already much more relaxed. My appointment lasted about an hour and she cupped my back (not sure if that’s the right terminology). I could feel the suction on my back and it felt amazing! Afterwards she had me turn over and proceeded with inserting a series of needles in my scalp, forehead, stomach, thighs and feet. It was my first time and I barely felt anything. As she did my treatments she told me to imagine that I was surrounded by a golden light and that it was healing me. Then, she brought book that was written by her teacher, opened it to a symbol of love and placed it on my chest.

I know all of this must sound ridiculously hokey but I feel soooo relaxed as I write this review! It’s like my body went on a vacation so that my mind could get it’s stuff together. Do you know what I mean? At the end of my visit Gina gave me the book as a gift, which I thought was wonderful and also shared that she’s hosting a class on healthy living on Saturday. Such a wonderful woman and a definite reminder from the Universe that I really need to chill out. Is life really that big of a deal that I need to get so stressed out? I don’t deliver babies or sew on people’s appendages. I have the blessing of having a life where I get to make people happy. Namaste friends!



Miracle Story of Healing with the Grand Unification Diagram

Wonderful Forgiveness Practice

Dear Gina,

I am sending you this note to exress my sincerest thanks and appreciation for guiding me in the forgiveness practice on November 10, 2014. At the end of the practice with you I was in tears. Later that same day I felt extremely peaceful and calm. Here it is almost one month later and that feeling remains with me. The nervousness and anxious energy that I felt around a certain person in my life has significantly decreased. This is most comforting. You recommended that I do hte forgiveness practice every day and I have been. The very next day during my practice/meditaion I saw a large heavenly family throwing flowers down to me. During each practice for the first week or so I saw this. Then during the following practices I saw light coming from the foreheads of this heavenly family directly to me. Beautiful light filled my body. Diring a recent practice/meditation the light from their foreheads came directly into my abdomen, covering the 2nd and 3rd chakra area. I am so thankful! Thank you for helping me to see and connect with my heavenly family!

Love and Blessings to you,

Jennifer Corte,

Elk Grove, California.

A friend of mine told me about Gina in August 2013; a week before my second IVF.

It had been a long road: one year of not not trying, one year of charting, temperatures and ovulation kits, one year of Clomid and IUIs and then the scary leap into the IVF world. My husband and I both work full time, we both travel for work and we’re both very active. We were working with our third RE, one that we were finally comfortable with, but who made it clear that he thought acupuncture was useless but harmless…

I had done acupuncture before but never consistently. To me it made sense and given the fact that we had issues on both sides I felt that it could complement the western medicine, and besides, weren’t we at the point to give it all we had? Enter Gina. I went to her a few times and my IVF failed. I was devastated but I truly felt that she could help me, I had just met her too late for this round. My husband and I talked it over and we decided to commit to her for our next round of IVF knowing that we were getting to the end of our road; we were quickly approaching the amount of money that we were comfortable spending on IVF, we had taken so much time off of work and really changed our lives for this and nothing was working.

So we gave it all we had. We both went to see her twice a week, we drove around town looking for specific foods, we did moxa every night, I did the breathing exercises, put castor oil on my belly, read the books, you name it, and through it all I would look forward to coming in to what was becoming a second home. I’m not going to lie, it was hard, expensive and time consuming but Gina and her team were warm, supportive and clearly loved what they did. It showed and I started seeing results. More follicles, more mature eggs, real changes, real stats.

Long story short the IVF worked, I had an amazing pregnancy and now have a beautiful baby. I continued to see Gina until the night before I was admitted. No morning sickness, no fatigue. Did acupuncture make the IVF work? We’ll never know. People ask me that all the time and what I tell them, and truly believe, is that giving it all I had made it work and Gina and her team empowered me to do that. Oh, and the foot massages and flannel sheets didn’t hurt 😉

Jen M.

“Our precious little guy turns 6!”

My husband and I had been together for 16 years and on our fertility journey for 10 years before we met Gina. We had read Dr. Angela Wu’s book Fertility Wisdon and gone to San Francisco to receive treatment from her. Once she learned that we lived in Hawaii she directed us to see her long term student Gina Musetti. When we first went to see Gina it had been nearly 1 year since our last failed IVF, but this time we had a new problem.

One year earlier my husband’s sperm count had been somewhat normal but now they were telling us that he had no live sperm! Gina immediately began treating my husband with some type of concentrated chicken broth with herbs, acupuncture and cupping and asked us to wait for 90 days and have the sperm test done again. She though that the condition of no live sperm could have been due to a serious illness with fever followed by strong antiboitcs that my husband had had earlier in the year and that by focusing on building his immune system his sperm would have a chance to recover. Low and behold not only did his sperm test come back to normal, but far above! The doctors gave us a go to begin a new round of IVF.

Finally this one took! After 10 years of trying to conceive we finally had a positive pregnancy test! I continued to see Gina throughout my pregnancy and afterwards for follow up care, recently my blood pressure has been a little bit high, so I am back to regular visits and it is getting better. My family could not be happier as our son just celebrated his 6th birthday!

E.L., Honolulu

I‘m so happy and grateful to be under Gina’s care, I wish I had started coming years ago!

I’ve been coming to Life Centered Acupuncture Care for sixteen months now. Menopausal symptoms including severe headaches, hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings brought me through the door. I wanted to avoid taking hormone replacement therapy if at all possible, and I was getting desparate.

Although Gina cautioned me not to expect immediate results, I started seeing relief after the first appointment. Part of that was emotional, because I was finally taking control of my health instead of worrying about it, and it was cathartic to explain my concerns to someone with the skills and compassion to alleviate them. I left the office armed with Chinese herbal sleep supplements and essential oils. I felt confident knowing I had acquired new tools, and better yet, they actually worked!

Fast forward sixteen months, and I have reaped other surprising rewards. My skin is so much softer and clearer, I wish I had taken “before” and “after” pictures. I treated a skin cancer on my neck with a salve recommended by Gina, and escaped invasive surgery. My expanded list of remedies includes acupressure exercises, simple healthy soups, castor oil packs, and ginger foot soaks.

I wield any and all of these tools between appointments to keep me on track. Overall, my health is much better now than when I began. I also believe that keeping my chi moving through acupuncture and cupping positively impacts my finances, creativity, and general feelings of wellbeing.

Because the health issues each of us faces are so personal, Gina’s plan for anyone else will differ. But that’s another aspect of her practice that I value. Here you won’t be just another lump of flesh, but a unique human being whose body, mind, and spirit are all taken into account. Gina’s excellent staff embodies this philosophy, and they ably assist with treatments, enthusiasm, and encouragement.

Bottom line, Life Centered Acupuncture helps an amazing array of conditions. Make an appointment today, and experience improved health and joy. I’m so happy and grateful to be under Gina’s care, I wish I had started coming years ago!

Jennifer B.,


“Our Baby Journey”

My husband and I were in our early 30s when we got married. He is of mix ethnicity; Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian and Portuguese, and is a devout Catholic. I’m Chinese and grew up with Taoist belief and practices. We both come from close-knit families and after two years of marriage, decided to start expanding the family tree.

I thought we would get pregnant right away, but that did not happen. After 2 years of trying, I tried my first IUI with my OB and went on Clomid. After a few months with no results, we took a break and continued to try on our own.

When months turned into years, I knew my biological clock was ticking. We see our friends getting pregnant with baby #1 then #2… When we go out to social events, sometimes we get asked, “When are you going to have kids?” Our family did not pressure us on the subject, but we know they are silently wondering why we were taking so long.

After trying for about 7 years, we finally decided to see a fertility specialist. My husband had to do a sperm analysis and he had some issues with low morphology.

I was diagnosed with pre-hypertension and the fertility doctors were concerned about my eggs quality, because of my age. We felt like the odds were against us.

I was worried that western treatment would not work and wanted to look for an alternative. That was when I read up on how acupuncture can help with fertility issues. After going through a painful HSG and another IUI, I was having doubts about continuing with fertility treatments and decided to give acupuncture a try. We were lucky to have found Life Centered Acupuncture.

The first consultation with Gina was very informative and gave us hope. Where western medicine uses medication and invasive procedures to try and correct the issues, Eastern medicine does a more holistic approach and uses different techniques to heal the body. Improving our diet is also an important part of eastern fertility treatment. We were given a list of what foods we should eat and what we should avoid. I even learned to make a whole pot of black chicken broth.

She also treated my husband to help improve his sperm morphology.

We went through a year of treatment, during which we had switch to another fertility doctor and had to have a hysteroscopy. It turns out my cervix was tilted. The doctor also explained that high blood pressure could also be the cause of infertility. The new doctor and Gina focused to help me manage my blood pressure. As for my husband, with continued treatments by Gina, his morphology and sperm count got better and better with each IUI we did. So we did not give up and continued with 4 more IUIs, but still nothing happened.

I started to get frustrated and depressed each month the IUI failed and was ready to give up. Our doctor gave us some options: IUI #7 with stronger medicine, IVF or do a laparoscopy.

I know I did not want to do a laparoscopy. Although IVF is an option and our insurance will cover for one time, we decided not to do it. It is a personal choice. Since we can only do one IVF, what if there were extra embryos? What would we do with them? The decision that we might have to make about the extra embryos is what gave me pause. It was a decision I did not wa I wnt to face with and since my husband is Catholic, I did not want to have him make that decision either.

By then I was emotionally and physically drained, andas ready to give up. I was even thinking more about adoption, but we know going this route will not be easy. My husband insisted we try one more time with IUI #7. I was not sure if I could go through another disappointment, but he insisted and if it did not work, at least we can have a sense of closure in this whole journey of infertility. We took a month break and did IUI #7 April 2012. During the break, I continued to see Gina and decided to put my mind on other things. I did not have much hope for IUI #7. The day we went in for the procedure, I was lying there afterward, and my husband struck up a conversation about religion and faith with our doctor. The day came for me to take the pregnancy blood test. After the test, I started to cramp. So in my mind I knew the journey was over because I’m going to have my period. I was feeling depressed, but was ready to be over with all the treatments. That morning I received a call from the nurse. I thought she was going to say, “Sorry, but the test was negative” as she had done before. But the words I heard on the other end of the phone was, “Guess what, you are pregnant!”

Our daughter was born on 01-03-13. Everyone asked if we wanted to have a New Year Baby. My husband would not mind, but my answer was “No” (unless she decided on her own to come that day), because I wanted her to have her own special day to celebrate her birth. She is a dragon baby who loves exploring her environment with her big round eyes. She loves to smile at anyone who would give her the attention. She also has a feisty personality and has bit of a stubborn streak.

I continued to see Gina throughout my pregnancy and did not have any nausea or major pregnancy complications. I did develop gestational diabetes, but was able to manage it through a low carbohydrate diet and treatment with acupuncture. Even now, I continued to see Gina monthly.

I know if we had done treatments earlier, we could have had a baby a few years ago. Yet, all things in life usually happen for a reason. We were destined to be with our daughter and the challenges we faced in our lives these past 10 years only strengthen us to be better parents. She is full of energy and keeps us on our toes, but we are enjoying every minute of it.

M. and N.


“She takes a true sincere interest in her patients and I highly recommend that if anything ails you, call Gina!”

For Over 30 years I’ve been plagued by severe eczema on my entire scalp. Red, Itchy oily, crusty patches that covered my entire head. Gross, I know, but this is how it was. I saw my dermatologist every month for prescriptions of topical steroids and medicated shampoo.

Both of those simply masked the symptoms but never got rid of them.

Just about 6 weeks ago, I began to see Gina for acupuncture for my chronic sciatic pain in both legs. She immediately noticed the redness on my scalp and began her magical treatment of massaging essential oils into my scalp. Not only did it feel wonderful, it smelled heavenly and it was so healing for my hair as well, making it softer.

At my second acupuncture appointment with Gina, she noticed a dramatic improvement in my scalp. She said that she could actually see my scalp, the crustiness was about 90% gone. I now only have a few spotty areas that she is treating me for, but what an improvement! Even my hair stylist noticed the difference.

There is also a dramatic improvement in my sciatic pain as well, and I can surf without pain for the first time in over 3 years.

Gina has been such a wonderful blessing in my life! She’s personable, funny and empathetic to one’s needs and her knowledge of Chinese medicine confirms my beliefs that Western medicine only benefits the pharmaceutical companies and not the patients. She takes a true sincere interest in her patients and I highly recommend that if anything ails you, call Gina!

Jan Hayashi

Honolulu, HI

“Gina most likely saved my life”.

I had been experiencing pain in both legs, which was excruciating, especially after sitting for more than thirty minutes. When the essential oils that I have faithfully been using since 1997 had no affect on relieving the pain, I knew the only alternative was to find a certified acupuncturist. My first exposure (30 years ago) in healing under the “needles” occurred when I lived in San Francisco, where there are many practitioners to choose from. I was leery of the whole concept or using acupuncture to heal a back injury, however, I was referred to an acupuncturist, by a certified fitness trainer, who had been treated for several different injuries. The acupuncture worked when I tried it, again, that was in San Francisco, and 30 years ago.

As my legs were not responding to my oils I remembered that acupuncture had helped me in the past and decided to look around to see what was available here in Honolulu. There were several listings on the internet, but only one happened to be located right across the street from my apartment, the Life Centered Acupuncture Care Clinic. The first appointment was scheduled and I met with acupuncturist Gina Musetti on April 26, 2013. After documenting how and when the injury occurred the first of 12 treatments began. The next appointment was scheduled the following week. During this session Gina commented that my knees were swollen and felt cold to the touch. I just thought I had fat knees. She also took my pulse and her assessment was that it was quite fast.

The following morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and did not feel well. It came to mind what Gina had mentioned the previous evening regarding my pulse. I put two and two together and figured that something might be seriously wrong. I drove myself to Kaiser Permanente’s Emergency Room where my blood pressure read 217/112! Wow!!! I had never had high blood pressure in my life! I knew that my job had been stressing me out, but I didn’t realize the toll it was taking on my body. I am so grateful that Gina had mentioned to me that my pulse was disconcertingly fast as it gave me the incentive to take myself to the hospital. It took six hours to lower the blood pressure enough to be released. The nurse commented that had I continued without the intervention, I could have suffered an aneurism, stroke or heart attack!

The pain in both legs has dissipated, I can now walk, sit, and stand without pain in my knees and legs. I believe preventive maintenance is the key to a pain-free body. I am blessed and grateful to Gina Musetti and the Life Centered Acupuncture Care Clinic. Her effortless diagnosis of cold and swollen knees and a faster-than-normal pulse taken by Gina most likely saved my life.

Lori T.

Honolulu, HI

I read a article about the needless acupuncture and wanted to give it a try.

I had a session and they did a treatment with my acupressure points on my face and it felt like a facial. It was amazing and I was so relaxed. I am always looking for ways to help with the aging process and keep my skin looking younger. Gina also did acupuncture on my legs and feet for overall energy. My circulation was flowing so strongly after the session I had to take a moment to shake my legs to get things moving again! If you are a little nervous about needles this is a must have treatment!”
Lori C.
Honolulu, Hawaii

We went through two successful IVF procedures and today are the proud parents of two little boys. Gina was a big part of our happy outcome.

I met Gina in 2008, while my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child. It was a confusing and heart-wrenching time for us, filled with medical jargon, worst-case scenarios, and the weight of the unknown. Gina was a revelation. I enthusiastically recommend her to one and all! Her compassion, warmth, professionalism, skill, and commitment to her patients make her an indispensable ally.

Infertility is a mystery in so many ways, but I’m glad we started trying while I still had a fighting chance. Ladies, the fertility window is finite. If you think time is running out, don’t delay! Gina, thank you for sincere dedication. We love you and are so grateful for the relationship we’ve cultivated over the years. Thank you for your sincere dedication.”

Christie E.

Portland Oregon

My daughter, a Clinical Psychologist on the island of Oahu has been seeing Gina for several years and told me how wonderful she and her associates are.

I was a bit on the skeptical side having had a few treatments from an acupuncturist on the mainland, without much success. I injured my back while visiting the islands and was in considerable discomfort. Immediately after my treatment from Gina I felt about 80% of normal and within two hours after the treatment I was at 100%. I appreciate the professional atmosphere and welcoming staff. I will definitely be back for “routine maintenance”
Thank you,
Kaysville, Utah

“Dear Gina and Crystal,

We don’t know how to thank you for all your support and help on our trying journey. Our happy ending couldn’t have been possible without all the help we received from everyone, most certainly you both! I can’t believe it was only a year and a half ago that I was in the worst physical state of my life.

Our joy of being pregnant quickly transitioned to a dire state when, at only two months, not only did my Lupus flare to affect my kidneys severely, but I was extremely anemic and left in limbo of a diagnosis between a relatively rare blood disorder called TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) and preeclamsia. After endless doctor visits, hospitalizations, blood transfusions and a daily regime of plasma exchanges we eventually made the very difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy. Unfortunately the likelihood of the same conditions rearing its head if I became pregnant again was great, especially with now compromised kidneys.

So we sought another option, using a kind and loving surrogate to help us nurture our baby. But by then, my body was in a struggling state trying to recover much less ready to retrieve eggs for a transfer. Working with you helped my body to regain its health so rapidly! The acupuncture, cupping, massages and herbal teas did wonders. Not only did I get healthier – which I needed desperately, but we were also able to successfully get pregnant with our surrogate WITH TWINS!

Now our twins, a boy and girl, are three months old and thriving. They’re a joy we can’t fully even express and we are so fortunate. We can’t even count the blessings we have (there are so so so many). Needless to say, you are a HUGE blessing to us. Your sensitivity, understanding, expertise, skill, intuition and love have supported our whole family throughout. Thank you so much. I would and have already recommended others to you and I hope that even more seek you out. You have touched our lives in ways we can never fully repay.”
With much love and thanks,
Alyssa and family
Honolulu, Hawaii

If you need a good nights sleep….see Gina!

As a first timer I was nervous of needles. I didn’t even feel a thing! Gina is awesome! I slept better than I had in years. She’s awesome!!”
Sally P.
Hawaii Kai, Hawaii

Gina: Thank you so much for the experience with acupuncture and massage! I was in really bad shape and needed help.

It was my first time in Hawaii. My family had been here numerous times but not me. We had just arrived for two weeks for fun-in-the-sun. The weather was great and I was ready to experience Hawaii. After a full day on the beach, we decided to walk around downtown, grab some dinner and people watch. Got home later that night and hit the sheets for a good night rest. When I woke up the next morning, I was a little sore in my lower back near my tailbone. I really didn’t think anything of it until later in the day when it continued to tighten up. By 6pm, I was stuck on the bed and couldn’t move. I had no idea what happened to me. I racked my brain trying to remember what I could have possibly done to my back yesterday. Did I pull something while swimming in the ocean trying not to touch the coral? Did I lift wrong when carrying the beach chairs? Could I have walked wrong in my flip flops that kept coming off mid walk every so often (I hadn’t worn flip flops since I was a kid)? I was stumped.

That night was the worst. I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable without moving and causing terrible sharp pains. I think if I could have cried I would but I just kept laughing because I couldn’t believe this was happening.

By the third day, I knew I needed help. I did some research online about back injuries and found myself reading about the wonders of acupuncture. I had never done it before due to the needles part. However, being on vacation I was more open to trying new things and given the amount of pain I was in….I threw caution to the wind.

I did a Google search for acupuncture in Waikiki and came across the website for Life Centered Acupuncture Care and Massage. The website impressed me. All the answers as a first timer were available on the website. I felt like I understood exactly I was getting myself into. I called to make an appointment. Because it was after hours/office closed, I figured on leaving a message. The owner, Gina, answered. I explained my situation. She as awesome. Even though she was closed, she understood what was going on and opened her shop up special for me the next day.

The experience was incredible. She said my injury was due to my flip flops and not uncommon. The session lasted about 2 hours. She was so gentle, kind and respectful. All I did was lay down on the ‘bed’ and she went to work. The needles were a non issue and really neat to experience. I just concentrated on my breathing the entire time. The only thing that hurt was when she went in for the deep massage around my lower back. Again, I just breathed. When she was finished, I got up…slowly…and felt move flexible than when I walked in. She gave me some herbs to take along with a pack for my lower back.

The next day, I felt much much better. Each day after kept getting better. I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation! The day we were to leave, I wanted to get one more treatment because we had a long plane ride and that meant sitting for a long time. Again, Gina was great! Thank you Gina for coming into my world when you did! As a result, I am looking at doing acupuncture on a regular basis thanks to Gina! Thanks again!!!”
MJ Thim
Anchorage, Alaska

“Double Happiness!
Dear Gina and Staff,

Thank you for all of your help with bringing our two miracle girls into our lives!!! It has been a long journey but so worth it. I don’t think that I ever told you, but I first came to you when I was about ready to lose my sanity over the whole “trying to conceive” thing. So, basically, you saved my mental health and helped me feel so much better physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I can’t wait for our girls to meet you sometime soon. And I look forward to “escaping” for a little bit one day so I can get my mind and body back to 100%!”
Lots of love,
Salt Lake, Hawaii

My wife Joann and I have been regular clients/patients Gina Musetti and the Life Centered Acupuncture Care, LLC.

Gina is a phenomenal healer. Her in depth knowledge and experience have treated many ailments in the four years that I have been seeing her. I am both very fortunate and grateful to Gina for all that she has done. She has successfully treated me for back pain, insomnia, tendonitis, stress management, smoking cessation (thank God) and helped in my adopting a lifestyle of wellness. I give Gina Musetti my highest recommendation.”
Mark Seery
Kailua, Hawaii

Gina has helped me to experience something I was beginning to think was impossible.

I had been trying to conceive a baby for nearly 5 years. I had done everything I thought was possible undergoing impersonal western medicine treatments such as Clomid and IUI several times with only disappointment. I was heartbroken and felt like there had to be a solution to this “infertility” issue I was experiencing besides invasive and costly procedures like Invitro. I did some research and read about the benefits of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, that was when I found Gina! From the very first time I walked into her office I felt understood and comfortable. She was caring and warm during a sensitive time in my life. I saw changes in me and my body that I’d not ever known were possible. I followed her protocol precisely and conceived after only 2.5 months, my husband and I were ecstatic!! Under her care I was thrilled to go on to have a healthy pregnancy and a quick natural labor and delivery. I am so immensely thankful to Gina for helping us to start our family. I continue to see her for my and my baby’s general health and recommend her highly!”
Rita Lawrence
Honolulu, Hawaii

I began seeing Gina regularly in August 2010 for pain issues.

I had been seeing a number of other doctors for pain and had been placed on pain medications that really did nothing to help. Working with Gina has literally changed my life. She has helped me go from constant, debilitating pain to an active, healthy life. She has used acupuncture, cupping, herbs, oils, nutrition, and many other treatments to help me become healthy. A year ago I was unable to do simple exercise, such as yoga, without being in pain. I was constantly sick, absent from work, and really couldn’t live my life.

Today I am training for an 8k run and participate in Zumba, RIPPED and Yoga with no painful side effects. I am rarely sick, and if I am it doesn’t last long. I am off all the pharmaceutical drugs and am able to live a natural, pain free life. I truly feel better than I have in as long as I can remember, and it is due to her treatment.”
Jamie B.
Waianae, Hawaii

Big fan of Life Centered Acupuncture Care!

Whether I just need a tune-up or have an acute condition that needs attention, Gina always knows exactly what to do to help. The therapeutic techniques she uses (acupuncture, cupping, moxa, tui na, abdominal massage, herbs, and oils) are very unique and effective. I feel great when I leave her office. The combination of her serene office, her skilled hands , her intuition, and her confident nature provide something special that other acupuncturists just don’t offer.

I recommend Gina to all women, no matter your age. Her treatments are so good for your health and longevity. I’ve seen her for prenatal treatments for both my children and trust her care. It’s hard to find other acupuncturists as thorough as her.”
Jennifer B.
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

I was skeptical of acupuncture before I was referred to Life Centered Acupuncture Care, but now I continually refer people there.

I have been a patient of LCAC since 2008 and receive treatments once a week to manage my heart disease and overall health. I truly believe that I would have had a stroke by now if it wasn’t for the care and attention that I received from Gina. She provides guidance on healing as a whole, including nutrition and supplements if needed, and I’m always learning something new by being around her.”
Jill S.
Honolulu, Hawaii

My Husband and I began seeing Gina after 2 and a half years of trying to conceive.

During that time we had two miscarriages, seven months of Clomid, and one round of IUI. Our infertility specialist had run all the usual tests and did exploratory surgery. His diagnosis was “unexplained infertility”. Western Medicine was causing us stress and anxiety, and for me, depression. After reading a couple books on the mind-body connection and infertility we decided to give Eastern Medicine a try.

We chose Gina over other practitioners because of her expertise in using acupuncture to treat infertility. Gina put us at ease during our initial consultation. Committing to treatments requires both time (Gina told us to give her treatments at least six months) and dedication (there were a LOT of dietary rules, herbs, and home procedures for us to follow). Each week Gina’s acupuncture and massage treatments, plus her positive attitude, helped me feel peaceful and positive. Whether I got pregnant or not, I knew I was improving the health of my body and I was happy to be trying a new avenue toward parenthood.

As it turns out, we became pregnant after seeing Gina for only about two weeks. I continued to see Gina until I delivered. During each visit Gina would take my pulses, check my tongue, and do other diagnostics to reassure me that my baby was growing healthy. Gina’s treatment plan was design not only to make help our baby grow healthy and strong inside me but also create a baby that would nurse and sleep well. Our end result was a perfect baby boy born in November 2008. We have heard comments from nearly every person we’ve met that he is a supremely calm, even-tempered, happy baby. Our son has slept through the night since about four months old. He has always nursed very well and never had colic. We feel like we won the baby lottery with how easy it is to parent him. We think all the moxibustion and acupuncture treatments while he was developing directly resulted in his calm demeanor.

If we decide to try for a second baby, our first visit will be to Gina before we even try to conceive. We wish you luck on your journey, wherever it leads you.”
Lisa & Jeff Gillis-Davis
Kaneohe, Hawaii

I have been Gina’s patient since 2008 and basically

, I will have to move if she ever moves because like an old friend, she is familiar with my aches and pains and more importantly, knows how to get in there to literally get me back on my feet!
Recently, I threw out my lower back (lugging my 25 lb toddler all over the place) and went into see Gina right away. She cupped my back first to release the toxins and to open up that area for the “needlework” which involved some 10 or more needles up and down my back, leg and foot. Half an hour later. I was able to get off the table and walk like I normally do and not at all like the hunchback that I came in as.

I have recommended Gina to family, friends and coworkers and all have had positive if not, life altering experiences. Another gem of info, she has trained with the famous Dr. Angela Wu of San Francisco for many years and so is quite successful in addressing fertility issues in both men and women.

By the way, a friendly and helpful assistant named Crystal is a wonderful massage therapist!

I still go in for my monthly treatments. Kind of an internal safety check to help things running smoothly and to check for any loose screws.”
Emily L.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“My encounter with acupuncturist Gina Musetti came in 2004, after my husband and I had been trying to conceive for 7 years.

When my husband and I married I was already 28 years old and we knew that we wanted a family, we were both healthy and thought that pregnancy and a baby would come to us quickly and easily. This was not the case. After trying on our own for about 4 years we decided to try IUI, there was no problem with me or my husband, since we had been trying for so many years already we were diagnosed as “unexplained infertility” and it was recommended that IUI with fertility drugs could help. After 5 IUIs the doctors recommended IVF. We did not feel that we were ready for that step, so we decided to take a break. Though my family is Vietnamese we did not know anything about acupuncture related to fertility. My husband began seeing Gina for a back problem that he had from work, the treatments helped him and he would go back to her whenever he had pain in his back or for some problems with his right shoulder. After about a year he mentioned to her that we had not been able to have a baby. She mentioned for me to come in. I thought that acupuncture was only for pain and I did not like the idea of the needles, so I did not go for several months. If I knew then what I know now I would not have waited! Finally my husband took me into see Gina for acupuncture and I began going weekly. After about 4 months I got pregnant! However, it was lost in the seventh week. Though it was very sad for us, we were encouraged that I could get pregnant. I felt like I needed a break from trying to get pregnant so we stopped the treatments. Eventually we decided to follow our doctor’s advice and do IVF. Since the cost of the treatment was so high and we trusted western medicine we thought that the IVF treatment would be enough, we did not know that acupuncture could also help with IVF. The cycle failed.

We went back to Gina for more acupuncture and she told us that acupuncture could help IVF to be more successful! So we followed her guidelines for three months and then began a new round of IVF. This time it worked! We continued to see Gina throughout the pregnancy and also afterwards, and we are now blessed with a beautiful, healthy, happy baby girl! Thank you Gina!”
Jen Ky
San Francisco, California

I have been a patient of Gina’s since April 2010 and I am very grateful to have met her.

Gina has helped me restore and rejuvenate my soul, mind and body with cupping, acupuncture, herbs, nutritional education, meditation, and love. She is very thorough with her procedures and very knowledgeable with ways to better your body and soul. Gina even takes the time to check up on me with a courtesy phone call just to see how I’m doing. I don’t know of any other doctors who goes that extra mile. For over a year now, Gina has a lovely assistant named Crystal who assists with the reception area as well as massages. I truly believe that the aura and environment of the office is filled with genuine love, tlc, and relaxation. I’ve recommended Gina to friends and family and they have all felt the same towards Gina and her staff.

Again, I am very grateful for Gina’s healing heart and hands and her amazing staff.”
Ewa Beach, Hawaii

“I am writing this to assure anyone considering the benefits from alternative medicine and the care of Gina Musetti understands that they are under the care of a caring, confident professional.

In April of 2007 I was experiencing many different health issues, from mental to physical as a result of an injury and a bitter, painful divorce. None of the treatment methods from my doctor and psychiatrist were working and I felt as if I had hit a wall. Thinking that conventional medicine was not enough; I searched for alternative methods of healing.

An Internet search of methods lead to Gina’s website. I read the information in it and liked her message, the chance I took proved to be the best move I had made in some time. I started having sessions once a week beginning in May, and within six weeks notable changes in my mood and injuries began to surface. I found myself in a situation for the first time in several years where I was finally getting better. I continued my sessions and found that Gina not only could treat my physical problems but also helped me to work through other issues in my life.

I would recommend Gina to all interested in alternative medicine as an extra means to attain good health. Gina encouraged me to take control of my own health by playing an active roll in my treatment plan. Once I took control with Gina’s help my health changed as night turns into day. Gina allowed me to communicate honestly without fear of judgment and she easily explains what is happening and how to fix it.

I will be leaving Hawaii soon to move to the mainland and my only fear is that if I may need help again that I hope I can find another Gina Musetti.”
Sean Murphy
Honolulu, Hawaii

“When I first went to see Gina Musetti in July 2007 it was because of my Doctor’s recommendation.

I had a shoulder/neck injury caused 2 years earlier in a car accident that despite various treatments had never recovered and was progressively causing me greater pain. It was to the extent I could not sleep, even with the aide of pain relief medication. My Doctor said the pain was caused by deep tissue and ligament damage. She had a previous patient with a similar shoulder injury who had seen Gina in conjunction with physiotherapy and had excellent results. When I asked her what that meant, she said that the acupuncture and treatment that Gina had provided shortened his expected physiotherapy treatment from 1 year to 3 months. I went along to my first appointment a little nervous but hopeful. I was willing to try anything to get some sort of relief. I was amazed at the affect on the level of my pain after just one treatment. There was instant relief and I could sleep for the first time in months that night. I had treatment with Gina every 2 to 3 weeks in conjunction with physiotherapy and I was completely pain free within 6 months. I had the most effective pain relief after my treatments with Gina and the physiotherapy worked at strengthening my muscles, not only did she treat me for this injury but she has continued to provide treatment for other aspects of my physical health that has improved the quality of my life. I am so grateful to her and the wonderful treatment she offers her patients and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a true expert in this field.”
Wendy C.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“In 2007 my 15 year old son incured a shoulder injury while playing baseball.

After following a conventional 6 week program of rest and stretching prescribed by conventional doctors following a baseball injury, our son was still unable to throw or bat even for short periods. The original diagnosis was a torn rhomboid muscle, that by conventional wisdom, should have healed on its own. Frustrated at the lack of progress and no favorable prognosis, I searched for an alternative. Having had previous success with non-traditional medicine, I researched the options in Honolulu and found Gina. From our first visit, she set us at ease, treated our son, and within 10 days he was playing in a major baseball tournament on the West coast. Now, several months later, he is back to playing and practicing on a regular basis with periodic visits to Gina’s clinic for follow-up. Her treatments are focused, effective, and address individual needs. She is caring, dependable, and sensitive to the needs of the patient, Gina uses Eastern methods to heal while epitomizing the fundamentals of the Hippocratic oath; “First, do no harm”. I’m a firm believer in alternative medicine through personal experience and not only trust Gina to treat my needs, I trust her to treat my son.”
Dona Baldwin
Kailua, Hawaii

“Gina is AMAZING.

I went to Gina because I was having carpal tunnel issues. I type all day long – at first my fingers were tingly but soon my hands started getting numb. I knew this was the onset of carpal tunnel but I didn’t know who to turn to and didn’t want to risk surgery. Luckily I met with Gina and she completely eliminated my carpal tunnel issues. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, she did in a matter of a few treatments and it was unbelieveable. Gina also has a very caring nature but is at the same time highly knowledgeable.I would recommend anyone and everyone to Gina Musetti.”
Hawaii Kai, Hawaii

“I met Gina, in the early 1990’s, while attending San Francisco State University.

The point of departure for our friendship was our deep commitment to Art and Holistic Health. Soon after meeting Gina she began practicing different modalities on me which augmented what I had been doing on my own. Because I knew how passionate Gina was at working towards becoming a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and how dedicated she was/is to her patients it was easy for me to trust her when she would make suggestions or teach me something that would bring me closer to my goals of health and understanding. Gina has been a blessing in my life she is one of the most centered generous human beings I have met and I see our friendship as one of life’s truest gifts. If the truth be told, at this moment, I want to jet out to Honolulu for a visit with my loving friend and a much needed Acupuncture and Chi Nei Tsang treatment.”
Angela DeSantis

“Gina is an amazing acupuncturist!

I have been receiving treatments from her since 2001 and I feel safe and assured under her care. Gina is gifted and intuitive in her knowledge of the “Wisdom of the Body” which has been very helpful in teaching me about what my body is telling me about myself which helps me with my long term health, not just short term symptom relief. Even from the very first treatment I had an amazing experience with Gina’s Tui Na massage and acupuncture in the lessening of my chronic back pain. Thanks Gina!!”
Nikki Spencer LMT
A Hawaiian Day Spa on the Big Island

“Gina is a healer & a goddess!

She has been my favorite acupuncturist, herbalist and my forever friend. I miss her treatments and advice since she moved to Hawaii. Working to improve my health and wellbeing was the best experience in her care. I loved going to my appointments with her weekly during the two years of her practicing in Petaluma at the acupuncture center near my home. It was such a nice coincidence to find here there! I had been missing her treatments that I had received years before in the 1990’s during the years when she was at Dr. Wu’s Clinic in San Francisco.

Anyone will benefit with Gina’s care…she is truly a gem!”
Silvana B.
Petaluma, California

“I am very happy that I went to Gina Musetti for my acupuncture needs.

She was very friendly and told me everything she was doing. It was a great experience and I will go back very soon!”
Eric Costanios
Ewa Beach, Hawaii

“I never had acupuncture before, but my girlfriend talked me into it.
Gina is very gentle and knowledgeable. She makes you feel comfortable instantly and takes the time to find out what you really need help with. It turns out, I had sleep apnea, and I went to Gina for help. With the combination of herbs and acupuncture, my sleep apnea was almost non-existant in 3 months! AND my blood pressure went down 30 points! I had been on blood pressure medication for 10 years! and now I don’t need it. No matter what your health needs are, check her out! She is great at what she does!”
Chris K.
Kaimuki, Hawaii

“I adore Gina!

The very instant I met her, I instantly felt relaxed. She has this nurturing, zen energy that inspires relaxation and calm. Gina is warm and kind and that really helped me feel more prepared for acupuncture. I don’t really have a needle phobia but I know that even if someone did, they would feel relaxed with Gina as their practitioner.

Gina was referred to me by a very trusted friend when I started trying to become pregnant. I am very blessed to have met Gina!”
Rita C.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“I’ve been seeing Gina for about a year, and can’t recommend her any more highly.

Having never had acupuncture before, I didn’t know what to expect or how much she could help, but I visited her on the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend and have transformed from hopeful skeptic to the ultimate believer.

She specializes in infertility and pain management, and on both accounts, I can say that she absolutely knows her stuff. After 2.5 years of trying to conceive, I finally successfully got pregnant after 3 months of seeing Gina. Anytime since then that I’ve had a touch of illness, or general aches and pregnancy pains, she fixes them for me in a snap. She also makes great recommendations in regard to diet and other environmental factors that you don’t get under the care of traditional Western medicine, so she complements my doctor very well. As a result, my husband is now seeing her too.

She is incredibly insightful, compassionate and knowledgeable and her assistant Crystal is also a very sensitive and talented asset to her clinic.

It’s a bit pricy, but she offers packages of 10 sessions that bring down the cost per visit. I love coming in, and highly recommend it to anyone! If there’s anyone who knows her stuff, it’s Gina.”
Lisa K.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“Life Centered is truly the theme here, if you are looking for a proactive source to heal your body without the use of chemicals or drugs.

Gina is awesome! I came to her to improve my general overall health and also to address some pain I’ve had in my neck for over a decade from sitting in front of the computer too long. She and her staff are extremely professional, so impressed with their bedside manner. Gina’s skill with acupuncture is spot on, pretty amazing how good I feel after a session of cupping and needles (btw – I HATE needles). She supplements your treatment with suggestions for improving your health in between sessions, and she gives you herbal supplements and minerals to help with the holistic healing. Her clinic is very clean and comfortable, I like that she has soothing music in every room and that the sheets are freshly washed and warm. Falling asleep during a treatment is pretty common and a nice cat nap in the middle of my day.”
Vincent K.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“My mother and I have been going to Life Centered Acupunture for over a year now and the service has been nothing short of OUTSTANIDNG.

I’ve been to several acupuncturists and massage therapists on island but Gina and her team go the extra mile when it comes to healthcare. My mother, who was 83 when we began seeing Gina, has kidney disease. Upon learning this Gina recommend an herb that would improve her kidney function..AND IT DID the next Neprology appointment we had showed an improvement of 3 points and she had only been taking the herb for one month! My mom is now a happy 85 and still going strong, she is still taking her herbs and her kidney function continues to improve, over the years we have seen Gina and her staff for a variety of issues at our twice a month treatments and they have always been able to help us to improve our health and wellbeing.

I’m very grateful.”
Ewa Beach, Hawaii

“Gina was amazing! Her staff is extremely helpful and make you feel right at home.

I had never done acupuncture but Gina did an excellent job of calming me and explained everything she was planning on doing and why. I suffer from migraines and infertility and was referred to Gina by my fertility doctor, I am grateful for everything Gina did for my husband and I while trying to conceive. It truly was a life changing experience.”
Michelle B.
Round Lake, Illinois

“I was recommended to see Gina by my chiropractor in my eigth month of pregnancy because I had a lot of swelling.

Gina took me in immediately and treated me with acupuncture, cupping, and essential oils. Not only did those techniques provide much relief and prevent things from escalating (I’m convinced I staved off inducement by a couple of weeks because of GIna) she and her staff have an amazing ability to soothe, calm, and provide a safe environment to release emotional “junk”. The added massages takes acupuncture to an entirely elevated level. Gina and her staff have made me feel like part of their ohana and I cherish the personal attention. One more thing….her recommendations for exercises and tools to do at home really helped me in between sessions. All around Excellent. Thank you Gina and staff!!”
Monica G.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“After many, many doctor’s visits and problems that continued to persist I decided to seek help from a more traditional viewpoint.

I visited Gina at her practice in April of 2010. My first appointment was unbelievable! She actually spent a very long time asking me questions about the health issues I was concerned with, branching from one question to another for over an hour. I’ve never met one single doctor who takes that kind of time with a patient. For the next year and two months I saw Gina 1-3 times a week. She gave me tips for things to do at home to help heal my body, taught me why certain foods were better than others and even included my husband in the journey. She also helped guide me through meditations, which are now a large part of my daily health regimen.

At every appointment I felt care and concern for my well-being. Gina always had a positive attitude and outlook which I feel helped me to achieve my healthy state of being. She never left a question I had unanswered or an ailment unfixed.

The original reasons I went to Gina were for constant upset stomach and very irregular bleeding. After a short period of time the stomach upset was history! I was also sleeping better, waking more rested and generally more relaxed throughout my days. The irregular bleeding took more work and time to heal, but in the end it too subsided. The treatments that Gina lead me through are also ones that she uses for helping women with fertility problems. We were not trying to conceive while I was seeing her, but I feel very strongly that thanks to all of the healthy changes my entire body went through because of Gina we got pregnant in our first week of trying!

My life took a turn for the better when I met Gina. I would recommend her skills as an acupuncturist and knowledge of herbs, foods and exercises to anyone seeking a healthier, happier life.”
Sara P.
Chesapeake, Virginia

“I have been seeing Gina for 2 1/2 years now when I first moved to Hawaii.

I was a flustered, frazzled mess! She genuinely cares for your wellbeing and wants to make sure you feel better. I have never met anyone like Gina before, she is calming and has magical ways of relaxing me because I am always wound up and hyper. In addition to acupuncture needles, I’ve had cupping, essential oils and massage therapy–it’s all part of the treatment. I smell moxa sometimes but I haven’t had that done yet. Just knowing that I’ll be going to her clinic makes me feel better mentally, and an hour later I feel even better physically! She has an extensive selection of Chinese herbs, oils, and supplements. She really knows her stuff and I trust her 100%.

Now let me tell you about Crystal. If you want to be in the hands of the world’s best massage therapist, SEE HER! I tell all of my college student friends to get a massage from her because it’s reasonable and she is phenomenal. I literally feel like I am melting away when she treats me whether it’s with cupping or massage. She is so cute and sweet and like Gina, always wants you to feel better.

Basically, GO HERE! If I could go everyday, I would.”
Waikiki, Hawaii

“I have been seeing Gina for the past two years for both acupuncture and massage services.

With the help of Gina and her staff, I have been able to avoid a surgical procedure that was recommended to me by my traditional physician. I highly recommend her services!!”
Debra L.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“I have been looking for an acupuncturist for years since I have been in Honolulu.

My fertility doctor recommended her. I am so happy she did. I always feel that Gina brings sunshine into the room with every treatment as well as calmness. She is warm, generous, knowledgeable and professional. I have been getting treatments from Gina for about a month and a half. She has been working with me for fertility as well as the pain from the stresses of work. I always feel fantastic and like a new person after her treatments. Her practice is clean and her staff is friendly. I would highly recommend Gina.”
Shirley W.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“I have worked with Gina and her staff for the past year or so.

I recommend their professionalism and depth of wholistic healing.
There is genuine caring and concern for you as an individual in their care. Each visit is unique, not a “one size fits all” approach, rather customizing each treatment as needed.

I have had an ever worsening skin condition for the past 10 years. Gina has offered real guidance and healing for resolving and curing this condition. I also had a painful injury from a fall last year and they helped me significantly with healing and pain management.
As you can see, I have given them the highest rating!”
Le’Anne M, Doctor of Audiology
Newport, Oregon

“I have been going to Gina for over 3 years now.

She is the best acupuncturist that I have experienced. She is gentle and caring as well as the ability to understand what your body needs. She helps me stay balanced as well as healthy. Gina is an important part of my wellness program.”
Joann S.
Kailua, Hawaii

“I have tried several treatments for my aliing back for about a year, she does an outstanding job on the treatments!

I highly recommend going to her for any treatments. The Acupuncture is the way to go!”
Tod T.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“After trying at least 5 different accupuncturists and not finding the level of care and expertise that I had been used to on the mainland, I found Gina.

Wow. What a difference. I have been seeing Gina for three years. Gina is highly skilled, but more importantly, she is warm and caring. I’ve always found that with any health practitioner, the level of caring is as important as the level of expertise. One without the other never works for me. I am so grateful for all of her help with acupuncture as well as diet and lifestyle recommendations. I look forward to my visits, and always receive warmth and caring.

I really trust Gina and it is very reassuring to have her wisdom as I deal with various health issues. So yes, another rave review of Gina, and it is truely deserved.”
Deborah W.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“My family and I, eight of us, including our dog Bruno, have all been under the care of Gina for about 6 years.

She has treated all eight of us for various things. From the simple common cold to the extreme cases of high cholestrol and digestive issues.

Gina is awesome at what she does. She not only is so knowledgable about eastern medicine, she encourages you to naturally heal your situations through educating us, and counseling us on the proper nutrition to help our situations.

Back in 2006 I was being treated for pneumonia by my regular physician. I kept going to the doctor because I kept getting more and more ill. (I am allergic to most antibiotics and because of my sensitivity to medication doctors have a very difficult time treating me, are very reluctant to try anything.) They gave me a couple of different types of antibiotics to try, but nothing worked in fact I became worse. I was basically on my death bed and when my employee referred me to Gina. I was so sick that I did not care to even second guess how an acupuncturist could help me with my illness. I had nothing to lose at this point so I agreed to have her treat me. I was so ill that she had to come to my house. Gina gave me a treatment and some chinese herbs to take and the next day I was alive again. It was so amazing because we had a family vacation planned for a trip to Maui and following week and I so thought that we were going to have to cancel the trip. We went on vacation and I am happy to say that since this time, I have not gone back to a western doctor to be treated.

Gina has become our family physician if you will. She has treated us for fever, colds, sinus infections, bladder and kidney infections, eczema, neck injuries, back injuries, sprained ankles, high cholestrol, vision, vertigo, stress, anxiety, diarrhea, insomnia the list goes on. Whenever we have a problem, Gina always comes thru for us.

Back in 2009 my daughter was 12 years old. She played club volleyball and the week before her Regional tournament she sprained her ankle during practice. Her ankle was so swollen that you could not tell that she even had an ankle. Her leg resembled one of an elephant. I immediately called Gina right from the gym. She told me to soak the foot in hot water then ice it for 20 minutes and repeat this until Tuesday then bring her in to see me. (Personally I though she was nuts, I was First Aid certified and knew that my daughter needed “RICE” not ice and hot water, I never was thought to soak a sprain in hot water come) Any way Gina advised us to take her to emergency just to make sure that there was no broken bones. The doctor said that indeed it was a really bad sprain and that she was to be out from playing for 8 weeks and that she needed to stay off of the foot as much as possible and just keep it elevated.

At this point we began to panic. My daughter was 1 of 9 players on her volleyball team and the only setter. I called Gina again to let her know what the doctor had said. She said to follow what she said and do the ice and hot water and all would be fine. Because of my upbring and the use of western medical practices, I had my doubts. Nevertheless we did exactly what Gina told us to do and then on Tuesday I took her to see Gina. She walked in with one slipper and using her cruches and could not even put an once of weight on the foot. Amazingly she walked out an hour later without the cruches and bare foot because she had no slipper for the sprained foot. We are all at awe.

Since then we have not gone to our regular doctors for any injuries. I sprained my ankle on 6/14. I followed Gina’s instructions and was walking the following week. I was on my crutches for only 4 days. Doctor also told me that I would be out for 8 weeks, yeah right, not when you have Gina……

All in all, I highly recommend Gina for everything. Again from the simple cold to trying to have a baby, she can help in all aspects. The greatest thing about her is that she is such a genuine person and truly cares. My family and I have referred so many people to her and not one person has come back to say that she couldn’t help them.”
Sandra P.
Pearl City, Hawaii

“I have been going to Gina and Crystal for over three months for my weekly facials.

I love the feeling after and the staff is so welcoming. They have been a treat for me and will continue to utilize their services. I have recommended my friend and have heard nothing but praises.”
Kim B.
Kaneohe, Hawaii

“I absolutely love coming here :) Gina and Crystal are awesome and really good.

They both make me feel really comfortable and they are both like family to me if you want a really good place to have acupunture you have found the right place.”
Penny S.
Ewa Beach, Hawaii

“I’m really new to acupuncture or any eastern medicine, curious… I always was, but really never knew the right direction to go.

I have been going through fertility with my western doctor and seen a brochure for Gina and her practice and decided after failed attempts to try something different. I didn’t know what to expect on my visit, but my first day there felt as if Gina and her team knew me for a while. Their warm and welcome approach placed my nerves at ease, for I have a huge dis-comfort at the thought of needles.

My first visit was accompanied by cupping and acupuncture, followed by chinese herbal pills. I started to feel a skip in my step and a feeling of a « positive outlook » right after two visits. I look forward to every visit and that amazing feeling I got each and every time. So I decided to recommend her to my friend, who now also sees Gina on a regular basis.

I highly recommend Gina! She is a skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate person, who takes her profession to another level. I’ve never felt better and its actually hard to explain that blissful feeling that comes over me since I started. You have to see for yourself.”
Denise O.
Honolulu, Hawaii