Meet the Chiclets

My staff members are my “chiclets”–we are all very close and feel like our own little family. This page is dedicated to introduce you to my chiclets!

This is Alona, she is a crab-cake eating vegetarian, a little fire ball of energy and is studying Health and Nutrition at the University of Hawaii. She likes raising butterflies, stickering, ice skating, sailing, eating cupcakes, art projects, traveling, Israeli food, aquariums, anything ocean related, and making people smile! She hopes to continue working in the field of holistic healing.

This is Anaïs, she is from the South of France and earned a master’s degree in International Business. She likes the colour blue, going to the beach, playing sports, raising butterflies with Alona, taking pictures, finding shells, bowling, eating crêpes and pancakes. Her dream is to visit every country of the world, so she recently started a travel blog. She has previously worked in an IVF clinic and she really enjoys this field. She also likes seeing people happy.

Tawny, is one of our Massage Therapists that has been practicing for 3 years now and really puts care into customizing the massage to fit someone’s needs. She usually has her glasses on instead of contacts and hair up in a pony tail. She loves the beach, movies, traveling, photography, animals, food, sports, museums, aquariums and archaeology along side her passion for making people feel great and happy.

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