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All of our massages are custom tailored to each individual.

One of our special focus areas is in preconception, prenatal and postpardum massage.

We can also help you to heal and recover from auto accidents, work injuries or just over working around the house.

Do you have a teenager who has injured her ankle playing volleyball or soccer? One of our specialized Tui Na massages may just be the thing to get her back into the game.

Is one of your parents recovering from a stroke? Massage therapy combined with the art of Chinese Moxabustion can be a soothing way to assist in recovery.

Playing weekend warrior and strained your lower back? A back massage with traditional Chinese cupping could be just the thing you need.

Our basic massage Tuesday through Friday is $75 for 1 hour or $100 for an hour and a half. You may add cupping into the alloted time or add an addional 20 minutes of cupping for $20.

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Testemonial for Carpal Tunnel

Aloha! My name is Deb and I had been suffering from terrible carpal tunnel for over a year, my doctors had said that I needed to have surgery on both wrists. I decided to look for an alternate approach and found Gina’s website. I called her and told her about my wrists and that it was beginning to affect me emotionally as I was feeling that I had to continue to suffer or have surgery, neither of which seemed good options to me. She said that she had had much success in treating wrist pain and to come in for a consultation and exam.

That day we did my first treatment, as I have a great fear of needles (one reason I was dreading the thought of surgery) so she suggested massage and gave me some homework to do for my wrists involving some exercises and casor oil packs among a few other things. I will admit the massage was painful at the beginning, but right after the first treatment the pain in my wrists had significantly decreased! I followed her protocol and within about 7 weeks my wrists felt better than they had in over a year! I was confident in canceling the surgery and am happy to report that with just monthly treatments now over 9 months later my wrists continue to do well!

Thank you so much Gina and staff! You have given me new wrists! I can not recommend Life Centered Acupuncture and Massage Care highly enough!

Debra L, Honolulu