Here at Life Centered Acupuncture and Massage Care we can assist you with several exercises to help you reach your wellness goals. Gina Musetti, L.Ac. is trained in several Taoist arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Shiatsu Stretching, and more. Whether you are recovering from a heart attack, stroke, frozen shoulder, back or knee surgery, labor and delivery, or you just want to improve your circulation because your hands and feet are always cold, or to learn exercises that will help to lower your blood pressure we can work with you on a variety of practical techniques for you to practice at home.

While coming to your treatments is important, learning self exercises that you can do at home will improve your condition more quickly as you can do your own exercises at home several times a day. Life Centered Acupuncture and Massage’s goal is to help you to improve not only your injury or health concern, but also to improve many aspects of your life including improving your strength and endurance, self confidence, your intelligence, flexibility, stamina, range of motion, and more. Some of the exercise techniques we are able to assist you with are posture exercises, qi exercises, strengthening exercises and mental exercises.

These exercise techniques are often incorporated into your acupuncture or massage treatment. We focus on finding the appropriate exercise technique not only for particular physical issues, but also for you individually based on your personal constitution and current health condition. We can also recommend a variety of books, classes in the community, and videos to further increase your understanding of traditional Chinese exercises for improved health and vitality of soul, heart, mind, and body. You have the ability to heal yourself and transform your life! The first step is just the beginning on a journey toward renewed vim and vigor!

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