What is Divine Healing Hands?

Divine Healing Hands is an energy healing system that may be similar to Medical Qi Gong, Reiki or Healing Touch, with one major difference, Divine Healing Hands is healing at the Soul level.

What does Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing do?

Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing carries Divine frequency and vibration, with Divine love, Divine forgiveness, Divine compassion and Divine light. In energy medicine we often speak of “raising our vibrational frequency” on a biological level this translates into balancing the energy of the body’s cells so that healing can occur.

– Divine love melts blockages in all aspects of life
– Divine forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace to all aspects of life
– Divine compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity in all aspects of life
– Divine light heals, prevents sickness and transforms all aspects of life including relationships, finances, increases intelligence and brings success to all aspects of life.

When Divine Healing Hands are invoked the Divine comes to assist in healing at the soul level.

“Heal the soul first, and the healing of the mind and body will follow” Dr. and Master, Zhi Gang Sha.

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Severe Back Pain Healed in Ten Minutes.

During a recent business meeting with an associate at a local company I noticed that the gentleman with whom I was having the meeting kept squirming in his chair. I could tell by the look of pain on his face that something was terribly wrong. I asked him if he was having back pain, he was so relieved at my having asked him and he said that he had woken up with such intense pain that he had nearly called me to cancel the meeting, but since he knew I was an acupuncturist he decided to keep the meeting and to see if there was something I could do for him.

I told him that I wasn’t really prepared to do acupuncture there in his office, but that I could offer him a healing blessing that may help to move the blocked energy in his back that may be causing the pain. He said that the pain was the worst pain he had ever experienced and that he was willing to receive any type of treatment that I had to offer. While seated he said that the pain was at a level of 8 on a pain scale of 1 to 10, so I asked him to stand as that was a bit less painful for him.

I stood behind him and asked Divine Healing Hands to offer him an appropriate healing blessing. This took about 10 minutes. At the end he said that he could not believe the amount of relief he felt!! He could now sit down with only about a pain level of 2 out of 10. He was able to continue on working for the rest of the day, and when I checked in with him a few hours later he said that it was truly a miracle and that the pain was completely gone.!!!

This is truly a great example of Divine’s Healing through the gift of Divine Healing Hands.

My Spiritual Teacher and Mentor Dr. Zhi Gang Sha always says, ” if you want to know if the pear is sweet, taste it, if you want to know if soul healing works, experience it”.

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Wondeful Healing for My Daughter

I was recently refered to receive acupuncture and massage at Life Centered Acupuncture Care by my worker”s comp doctor for pain and fatigue that were the result of a concussion incurred at my job. Over the first few treatments I began to feel better and better, I experienced having more energy than I have since the accident which was over a year ago.

At my first visit Gina gave me a book written by her teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha called Soul Healing Miracles. Gina and her staff gave me suggestions for practices to do out of the books to assist with my healing. In reading the book I learned that you could also request healing for others. I am in my late 60s and have been a long time believer in self healing and mediation. I never imagined that through my meditation I could help others to heal.

My daughter who has 4 children has been suffering emotionally due to going through a divorce of her husband. I followed the guidleines in the Soul Healing Miracles Book and requested appropriate healing for my daughter. That very day she called me to say that her husband had made a complete turn around in the divorce proceedings, agreeing to some of the terms she has been fighting for and has been giving her great emotional distress.

She sounded so happy and relieved! I can not thank Gina and her staff enough for introducing me to this powerful new form of healing! I would highly recommend Life Centered Acupuncture Care for physical and emotional healing.