Cancer Recovery Services

It has been about 4 years now since my cancer surgery here in Honolulu. I am cancer free and in the best health of my life! Largly in part to meeting Master Gina! After having a complete hysterectomy to remove the ovarian cancer I had to go through a series of chemotherapy treatments. The treatments made me feel so awful and completely zapped my energy.

I mentioned to my sister-in-law how I was feeling as she had gone through chemotherapy a few years earlier to treat breast cancer. My sister-in -law invited me to her cancer support group and that is where I met Master Gina. In that support group meeting she was describing to us the importance of eating simple food to support the immune system and regain our strength.

I was so impressed by her talk that I immediately began seeing her the following week. Due to my body being so impacted by the chemotherapy treatments the doctors finally took me off of the treatments after only three treatments (I was supposed to have a series of 6). They told me to wait a while and continue the chemotherapy in a few weeks.

During that time I saw Master Gina for acupuncture twice a week and after the third week I was feeling so much better that I asked my MD if I could forego the remainder of the chemotherapy. He said that he would keep an eye on me and let me know if the numbers changed I would have to continue. With my acupuncture treatments, new eating routine and soul healing meditations I never had to go back onto the chemotherapy. Gina still keeps a good eye on me until this day, she had helped me with stomach issues, weight issues (with her eating guidelines I was able to go from a size 16 pant to a size 12!), thyroid issues and other little aches and pains, colds and flus, etc.

At one point after my chemo I remember my skin was getting totally discolored. Master Gina recommended some nutritional supplements to add to my diet and in a short while my skin color returned to normal. I have so many things to be thankful for in my life and having Gina and all of the caring staff at Life Centered Acupuncture Care as one of my leading providers I am doing more than ever in my life! My energy is so good that I now take a walk every moring for 30 minutes before work and every day at lunch I walk another 30 minutes.

Two evenings per week I go to Bikram Yoga and on the weekends I take Zumba classes. I never imagined that in my 60’s I would have more strength and energy than I did in my 20’s. In the months and first year or 2 after my cancer surgery and chemotherapy I was so drained of energy and experienced so much dizzyness I thought that I would never recover. I became a bit depressed sometimes, but I kept going to Gina’s clinic faithfully every week. She kept encouraging me to eat well, to cook my own food even when I didn’t feel like it and to stay in touch with my thyroid doctor to make sure that my hormones were doing ok.

Seeing Gina has been the turning point after cancer that I never thought I would be able to recover from. As a side note my sister-in-law, though she has been cancer free now for many years also sees Gina regularly for aches and pains and to manage her diabetes. If you or someone you know is recovering from an illness or a treatment I would definetly recommend Life Centered Acupuncture Care and Soul Healing. Gina now has a few other soul healing practitioners working with her, so you can receive soul healing at any session. Even if you are afraid of acupuncture you can still try the soul healing, it will definitely make a difference in your life!

Sincerly Pat,

Mililani, HI