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Reap the benefits of professional acupuncture at Life Centered Acupuncture and Massage Care. After being injured in a car accident in 1990, and healing through Chinese medicine, Gina Musetti followed the teachings of the acclaimed Dr.Wu from 1993-2004. She simultaneously served a 7-year Tui Na (traditional Chinese medical massage) apprenticeship to accent her acupuncture skills.

Since 2011 Ms. Musetti has been a dedicated student of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, becoming a certified Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer. Dr. and Master Sha states in his best selling book Soul Mind Body Medicine, a Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality that when you heal the soul first, the healing of the mind and body will follow.

Each treatment costs $108. Please ask about our personalized packages.

Benefits Of Acupuncture:

Relieves PainImproves Mobility
Relaxes Your BodyDecreases Stress Levels
Improves SleepIncreases Range of Motion
Improves Blood CirculationEmits a Sense of Well Being
Improves Emotional StabilityStabilizes Blood Sugar Levels
Reduces Post Operative Recovery TimeReduces Chemotherapy Side Effects
Relieves Allergy SymptomsImproves Liver Function
Helps you to be healthier and happier!!!Regulates Women’s Cycles
Assists ReproductionIncreases Sperm Count
Decreases PMS SymptomsHelp Lower FSH Levels
Assists to Prevent MiscarriageNatural Labor Induction
Help Relieve Morning SicknessMay Help to Turn Breach Baby
Quick Labor RecoveryEnhances outcome of IUI

Traditional Chinese Herbs

These herbs are sold in our clinic & can be prescribed on their own or in conjunction with acupuncture or massage to assist your body’s healing process. They come in 3 forms: Loose herbs for boiling into tea, Granulated herbal powers, and capsules. We also carry several brands of patent herb pills. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for our Acupuncture and Massage services.  For quickest response please call Life Centered Acupuncture and Massage Care at (808) 349-0806.

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